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Campaign Website 101: 5 Requirements to Create a Winning Political Campaign Website

1. Professional Campaign Website Design

The phrase you can’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t necessarily apply to political candidates. The internet is plagued with campaign websites with obscure domain names, pixelated images, poor design, and non-engaging content. These lack luster websites portray disorganization and lack of attention to detail which can derail any candidate from the outset of his or her campaign. A professional campaign website design, on the other hand, can act has a hub of information and portray the candidate as organized, legitimate, and sincere.

If you’re looking for a political campaign website, the question is, where to start?

While the internet offers an overwhelming number of options to create any kind of website, candidates can be left unsure by the options and not know where to start. Many candidates attempt to create a website by themselves while others pay political consultants thousands of dollars to create one for them. The idea of learning website design is daunting and cannot be mastered overnight. It is best to work with someone familiar with website design and specifically political website design. While many candidates do, it is actually no necessary to fork out thousands of dollars to political consultants for a quality website.

I created Poli-Site as the internet’s most professional and affordable campaign website design solution. With website packages starting as low as $215, candidates can have their website created by a company that understands the complexities of campaigns and is willing to work with you to achieve your vision of what you want to portray on your website.

Our packages include professional design, custom domain integration, social media plugins, search engine optimization to help you rank high on search result pages, limitless support, and so much more.

Having a professional campaign website is no longer a luxury, it is a must.

See an example of a professional campaign website homepage.

2. Engaging and Simple Content

As elections approach, more voters will flock to the internet to research candidates that will appear on their ballot. Campaign websites should serve as a one stop shop for voters to learn about the candidate’s experience, where they stand on the issues, why they might support you, a place to contribute, and a place to volunteer. Campaign website content can not be underestimated.

To keep things simple and engaging, we recommend that political candidates have the following three aspects of content on their website.

1. A clear and succinct statement on why you are running. This section should be 2-3 paragraphs in length, not any longer. Voters don’t want to hear a life story, they want to know why you are running and why they should care. Think of this as your thesis statement of your campaign. Be succinct, clear, and convincing.

2. About you. This would go on its own page on the website and is where voters could get to know you better. For this section, it is okay to be a little longer (3-5 paragraphs). Tell your story to the voters so they can know your history and what qualifies you for this position. Be authentic with your content. Voters want someone they can relate to.

3. The issues. Avoid the urge to share your thoughts on all the issues and stick to 3-5 issues that are of the utmost importance to your constituency. Write one paragraph per issue and share both the importance of the issue and how you might address it if elected.

Remember to keep things simple on the website. People of all demographics and political persuasions will view this content so be authentic and honest. Your campaign website content should not be limited to these three points, but these three points should serve as a foundation that you can later build upon with other pieces of content such as blog posts, campaign news, events, endorsements, and more!

3. Compelling Images

Perhaps the most common mishap with campaign websites is ineffective imagery. Don’t use old photos that appear pixelated or disproportionate. If you don’t have effective imagery, pay for a photo shoot. This may be out of your comfort zone, but it is worth it. When it comes to images, the more the merrier. The best types of images are those that tell a story. Images that show you in the community or show your experience are the most effective. Avoid unprofessional or older images. Don’t stretch the truth to show yourself in images that may not directly relate to your profession or daily life. Show images that really show you and your personality. Voters can discern whether you are authentic, so don’t try to be something you aren’t in images.

Acquire images that support your message. For example, I recently created a website for a local dentist who was running for the state legislature. She operates a non-profit that provides free dental care to a variety of under served populations. Because of this, she had imagery of her and her non-profit providing dental care to children and soldiers. These images illustrated that she had a non-profit, that she was an experienced business woman, and that she has worked with a variety of demographics.

Images are just as, if not more, important than written content. Don’t underestimate the power of imagery.
Click through the gallery below to see some examples.

4. Accept Contributions

Most all campaign materials (signs, brochures, mailings, etc.) will point back to the website. One of the main purposes of the website is to obtain contributions. You never know who is willing to contribute to your campaign, so having a public-facing contribution platform is necessary for fundraising in your district.

Integrating a contribution platform can be tricky sometimes (another reason to work with a professional campaign website design company). Some candidates will add a PayPal donate button on their website. While this can work, it is not the most professional solution or intuitive solution.

I recommend partnering with a fundraising platform service such as Most online fundraising processors take ~4% plus 30 cents of every donation. This is how they make money and shouldn’t dissuade you from adding it to your website. The best approach is to partner with a fundraising platform that allows you to embed the contribution form on your website via code. This may seem daunting but is simple and can be easily done by simply copying and pasting. If you are working with, we can take care of this for.

Writing checks and mailing contributions will stop potential donors from contributing to your campaign. Make the contribution process as simple as possible by using an online fundraising platform on your website.
Below is an example of a website that is using an online fundraising platform.

5. Calls to Action

Think of your campaign website as a funnel. Visitors may enter your website unaware of your campaign or why you are even running. For these visitors you may offer a prompt inviting them to join an email list to stay in touch with what is happening in the campaign or you may invite them to follow you on social media. Another visitor might visit your website aware of your campaign and looking for a way to help. For these visitors you may offer a form to fill out where they can sign up to volunteer or participate in campaign activities. Regardless of where the visitor is at in their understanding of your political race, it is important to give them an opportunity to further engage with your campaign in a way that they are comfortable.

With Poli-Site, you can program any web forms to send notifications to candidates or appropriate staff members when a visitor completes them. If you are looking to create a campaign e-newsletter, Poli-Site can integrate services like MailChimp into your website for a seamless transition of forms filled out on the website to your email marketing software.

Don’t leave your website visitors wanting more but unsure how to find it. Offer them a variety of ways that they can continue to learn about the campaign and support the campaign.

If you are looking for a professional and affordable campaign website solution, click on the button below to learn more about our options.


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